Friday, September 11, 2009

Looking Back and Forward on September 11

Eight years ago today, the world changed when four planes piloted by terrorists on a suicide mission of hatred crashed into the two World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania.

For me personally, a lot has changed in those 8 years but some things remain the same for all of us:
  • Those who died on September 11 are still gone and their families probably miss them all the more. If I lost my child that day, the pain would, no doubt grow with each missed birthday and watching others age while their lives were cut so short.
  • The world is still filled with people who hate Americans simply for being Americans. I think our leadership is making some progress to improve our global reputation.I do know that I no longer feel embarrassed when our President steps into the spotlight around the world. I'm thrilled that we are being represented by the smartest guy in the room and not the one who provides so much fodder for nighttime comedians.
  • Unfortunately, we are still at war in Afghanistan and in Iraq and people are still dying--American soldiers and innocent citizens of those foreign lands who have absolutely nothing against us as a nation, unless of course you count feeling a little pissed off about their homes being bombed.
  • We still have no plan in place to provide affordable health care for all Americans. I'm holding on to hope that the Obama administration will pass some form of health care reform during this term but I suspect the final bill will lack a lot of the punch I heard and liked in Obama's speech last night.
  • The world and those of us who inhabit it are inherently good. I can forget that some days--particularly when I watch Republicans on the news, hear about another child abuse case, or deal with Mr. X--but I really do believe that most humans want to do good and not just do well. When I go into the world with that attitude and not with the defensive mind set that tells me everyone is out to screw me, I usually attract kindness and love.