Sunday, February 22, 2009

Break Up Take 2

Wading Out of Love

A break, a chat, then another conversation.
Tears, words, and comfortable moments of silence.
Still sad but kind and gentle this time.
He can't be where he's not.
I can't sell myself short.
My heart still loves.
But my spirit believes that the Universe has other plans.
I thought this man was walking beside me...a partner on the same path.
I loved and learned and learned to love...better than before.
I want to trust that, when I love again, it will be better still.
My love will be received at full volume.
I will be able to make beautiful music with another loud heart.
But not yet.
Now, we share a long hug and the grieving begins.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Break Up Take 1

Sudden Death Heartbreak

My mending heart was sheltered by hurt, fear, and anger
And then I met you.
Your kindness and warmth seeped through and eroded my walls.
Our love and trust grew and flourished in the light.
I longed to see you, even in a thumbnail on my screen.
Our millionth kiss still made me weak in the knees.
I wanted more...for me...for you...and for our children.
You said you loved me then threw those old bricks at me and ran away.
I made turkey burgers for what I thought would be part 2 of a conversation.
I put your plate on the table and you broke my heart without taking a bite.
On the way out the door, you dropped my house key and your gentle, kind spirit.
Letting go of love isn't supposed to be like ripping off a BandAid.
We waded into what I hoped would be an endless sea.
Or, if not...
I thought we'd wade back out together and part ways on shore as friends.
Instead, you left me alone in deep water.
and mad...
and shocked...
and confused...
but mostly just sad.

Monday, February 2, 2009